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Corporate & Institutions

E-paper solutions can play an important role in a company or institution’s Corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, by addressing multiple issues : eco-responsibility, screen pollution (blue light), information overload.

Being a socially responsible company can bolster a company’s image and build its brand. Choosing e-paper is a powerful, sustainable and visible statement of what your company stands for in an often cynical business world. E-paper is the perfect support to fully manage coworking spaces and internal communication. Meeting room management

Meeting rooms management system

INKcoming is a partner of Joan, the simplest meeting room management system optimizing their usage. Joan touch devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount. Completely wireless, without cables and installation costs. Joan integrates with your office calendar and can eliminate any unattended meetings automatically, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time. Meeting room management

Internal communication

Where semi-static informative content is displayed, E-paper can advantageously complement regular paper or traditional screens (LCD/LED) digital signage solutions: using regular paper would require manual intervention and additional printing for each content change, while using a traditional screen would unnecessarily consume a lot of energy and induce screen fatigue. Meeting room management

Corporate dashboards

Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance. E-paper-based digital signage solutions encourage you to actually read the data, not just “see” it

Click image to open use cases gallery

Click image to open use cases gallery

Smart cities

E-paper is the perfect display medium for smart cities. It has excellent outdoor readability even in direct sunlight. Ultra energy efficient, it can run 100% on solar energy. Installable everywhere with only a few bolts, there is no need to open the sidewalk for power cables. Content updates are pushed wirelessly.

In modern cities overloaded with visual information, E-paper displays blend seamlessly with the urban decor. Soft like paper, they encourage citizens to read the information, rather than suffer from it.

Public information totems

100% energy self-sufficient E-paper Information Totems can be placed anywhere using only 4 bolts. It allows for information to be displayed exactly at the right place, where is matters the most. Eco-responsibility and very low operational costs make it a perfect information board solution for smart cities.

Digital bus stops

This is a perfect example of real-time information update through cellular networks : traditional static bus stop signs can easily be replaced with electronic paper displays that have no glare and sustain high-end visibility even in direct sunlight. 100% solar-powered, the installation and operational costs are minimal.

Smart traffic signs

Using e-paper allows cities to take proactive control of their traffic using 100% solar powered traffic signs updated in real time. There is no risk of “black out” in case of power failure, because the e-paper keeps the latest content displayed even without any power supply.


Hospitality and healthcare industries often manage large and complex IT infrastructures. This is where the very low installation, operational and maintenance costs of e-paper can make a difference.

The non-intrusive, soft nature of e-paper is also particularly attractive for hospitality and healthcare industries, where service quality is paramount. Unnecessary screen fatigue or blue light pollution must be avoided, and yet information must be transmitted. E-paper is therefore a natural complement to traditional screens in those environments. By using sustainable electronic paper solutions, your company or hospital can make a name for itself for being not only performant but also socially conscious.

Welcome & information boards

First impression is crucial in the customer journey. E-paper displays are a clean, soft and elegant way of welcoming guests and communicating information. They can be placed anywhere. E-paper has the combined advantages of paper (elegance, softness, readability in full light) and traditional displays (dynamic content updates) without their disadvantages (printing costs, manual updates, energy consumption, backlight pollution).

Conference rooms

INKcoming is an official partner of Joan, the simplest solution for managing meeting rooms, optimizing your conference room use, and displaying relevant information where you need it the most.. Joan devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount. Completely wireless, without cables and installation costs. Show your guests room schedules elegantly, improve wayfinding around your premises.


E-paper can be manufactured into large colored strips of any shape, allowing for innovative architectural elements: color-changing wallpapers, artistic color tile effects, dynamic signaletic, wayfinding,… Contact INKcoming for all your Electronic Paper solutions in Belgium.

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The “like paper but dynamic” nature of e-paper makes it very attractive for retail, where paper is still largely used for advertising/information purposes and where printing costs are high. Cordless e-paper displays can be placed exactly where dynamic content is relevant, effectively replacing printed posters.

Museum / gallery

Museum or gallery artwork labels are another example where e-paper displays can shine with its paper-like softness/ultra low consumption/dynamically updatable combo of features. Being cordless, they can also easily adapt to any of your rooms layout changes. Perfect for temporary exhibitions.


E-papers usages for education are countless : Classroom management systems,
Bulletin boards, e-paper as teaching medium, digital writing devices, … With e-paper, you can raise students’ awareness of eco-responsible solutions, for a better world.

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