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Experience sustainable electronic paper solutions for meeting room management, internal communication and much more

“We were able to decrease our ecological footprint and communicate the appropriate message where and when it matter”


Electronic paper displays (EPDs) are sustainable connected devices that offer the same reading experience as paper while providing instant information updates. E-paper has been used in ebook readers for many years and is now available in larger format and better quality for new exciting use cases such as meeting room management systems, internal communication, hospitalities and much more.

EPDs are:


No backlight/visual pollution. Full readability. The softness of paper on an electronic display.


A minimal carbon footprint. 99% more power efficient than traditional displays.


Cordless. Install anywhere in an instant. Minimal operational and maintenance costs.

Retail dynamic communication

Our E-paper solutions help you to diffuse real-time information on a wireless and sustainable display (on a stand or directly stick on your shop window). In a blink of an eye, you will be able to communicate the following information: Real-time number of people, estimated queue time, social distancing advises, supporting message, and much more…

Meeting room management system

INKcoming is partner with Joan, the simplest meeting room management and optimization system. Joan touch devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount. Completely wireless, without cables and installation costs. Joan integrates with your office calendar and can eliminate any unattended meetings automatically, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time.

Internal Communication

Where semi-static informative content is displayed, E-paper can advantageously complement regular paper or traditional screens (LCD/LED) digital signage solutions: using regular paper would require manual intervention and additional printing for each content change, while using a traditional screen would unnecessarily consume a lot of energy and induce screen fatigue.

In addition of our meeting room management solutions, INKcoming can help your company improve its internal communication.

Welcome board

First impression is crucial in the customer journey. E-paper displays are a clean, soft and elegant way of welcoming guests and communicating dynamic information. They can be placed anywhere. E-paper has the combined advantages of paper (elegance, softness, readability in full light) and traditional displays (dynamic content updates) without their disadvantages (printing costs, manual updates, energy consumption, backlight pollution). Meeting room management

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